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Dont know if all of you knew about this, but I wrote this up a long time ago and finally found it.

Applicable Vehicles: 96-97 with full Console

Why Should I perform this mod?  When you are making those hard turns and quick stops you need to make sure that your bull's cup holder can hold those big gulps.

Parts needed:
          Ford Part #: F8DZ-5413562-AAA ($20-$30) - 98-99 Cup Holder



Here are pics of the ends of the new piece.  Know these so that you know how the old piece will come out.

Open the storage part of your console and you will see a part of the original cup holder that hides under the console cover.  Stick you fingers and pull it towards the gear shift.  It should come up, but underneath it is restricted, so it won't come out like that.

Now go to where it is connected near the shifter and pull it towards the console storage.  Then once those are unhooked, you may pull it straight out

Here's a pick of the console without a cup holder.

Just place the two hooks near the shifter and press it down to lock it into place.


Here are a few things I should point out.  When I did mine, I took my storage console out because the original part wasn't coming out.  I later found it that you can pull the hooks near the shifter (explained above) and it comes out.  Also watch out for your console lid.  I scraped it when I took the old one out and put the new one in.


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Originally posted by Firespirit@Apr 8 2004, 09:14 PM
Dude. . look at those hands

lol nice write up!
HAHA, thanks.

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Excellent write-up and pictures. The only problem is my dealer wants $42.15 for the part. I was hoping for the $20-30 range mentioned above. Guess I'll have to check the bone yard. :(

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Wow, thats waay too much. Try finding another dealer. From my experience, usually if the dealer has the part they tend to sell it cheaper than if they have to order it.
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