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Crusie Conrtol Quit Working

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Yesterday, I'm driving home from work and hit a long stretch of road, so I decide to put on the cruise control. I push the buttons (w/o looking) and let my foot off the gas and the car starts slowing down. So I think "what the heck" and I try again and this time I'm looking at what I'm doing. And i notice that the cruise control light isn't even coming on. The only thing I can think of that might have something to do with it but, I don't know why it would is-
The day before this happened i noticed that my button would go in on the shifter, so I could put it in gear. This happened about a year ago and it was the brake switch under the brake pedal. So I lightly touch the brake and press the button. This will work, but if you press the pedal any harder than maybe 2lbs, the switch stops working. And my brakes lights wont work (but the tail lights do) and the button on the shifter wont work (since it thinks that the brake isn't being pressed). And yesterday during my lunch, I decide to try and wiggle the switch to see if that was the problem ( since I replaced the switch last year, it shouldn't be broke). And when I get under their and wiggle once, the wire brakes of the connector that connects to the brake switch. So I take the connector off the switch and try to figure out how I'm gonna rewire it back on. I took the little metal connector out of the plastic thing it was in and stripped the plastic off and just wrapped the bare wire around the metal connector and put e. tape around it and jammed it back in the plastic thing. Note- their are two wires in the plastic thing, one was broke but, both had to out so I could do my thing. I my have switched them when putting back on. But the brake lights and shifter button work fine now. But for some reason my cruise control doesn't work.
Could it be a simple fuse??
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Wish I could help you...but I'm in the same boat as you....light wont even come on unless the break is pressed in. I'm going to replace the cruise control box, the salvage yard has a couple...and see if that solves my problem. If it does I'd be happy to mail you a unit..I beleive there around $13..then figure shipping. I'm assuming you have a Gen 3?
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