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Hi experts,

I have a 2001 SE flex fuel bull. The cruise control does not work, but interestingly enough it does pass the cruise control self test and pulls the cable 10mm back after the test.

So the lights work
The buttons work
The horn works

Now when you drive the car and you press "on" most of the times nothing will happen at the dash, that is the light does not come on. However sometimes it will give a flash and immediately turn off again. Everything else appears to be working fine, brake lights etc. Also when you press the brake pedal a little the cruise control self test will not pass. So I basically eliminated the brake pedal.

Anybody any thoughts?


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What cruise control test are you talking about?

The cruise light won't illuminate unless you hit one of the buttons on the right of the steering wheel.

Have you taken the buttons out of the wheel and dissassmbled them, as well as clean them up?
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