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I've got an 04 Taurus, and I'm wondering of its possible to remove the front crash bar. The original one is pretty banged up from a previous accident, and I'm not sure if its a structural part of the unibody or not. It doesn't really appear to have any sort of front cross-member, besides this bumper bar and the subframe, so I'm not sure if removing the crash bar would cause issues.

I noticed its got 4 bolts on both sides that hold it to the unibody frame-rails, so I figured it must be a removeable part. I went ahead and removed those bolts and tried to take it off, but it appears its also welded onto the frame-rails. I didn't want to just go and start prying/cutting what could be a structural element, so I figured I'd ask here first.

So, is this crash bar meant to be removed, and if it is, what's the proper way I should go about doing so? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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