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A big Thank You! To all who have posted regarding "the squeak" a.k.a "the chirp". I have a 2003 with 101,000 and this was driving me crazy. I could hear it at idle, coming from the engine compartment, but when I opened the hood the sound was so elusive. My first thought was belt, or idler pulley, but the sound was coming from the other side of the engine. Drove me nuts...I was thinking cam bearing...or worse.

Turns out it was the cam syncro! What a relief!

More props to those posting about the Cardone and Dorman parts (these to be avoided at ALL costs).

A word to the wise: If you have multiple Ford dealers in your area, it pays to call around. I called two in the Portland, OR metro area and got three prices, ranging from $167 for the Sync ($40 more for the sensor), to $142 for the Sync...both prices from the SAME parts counter. A second dealer had a price of $157. Labor was quoted at $192.

Don't pay $40 for the sensor however, because Autozone sells the Duralast sensor for $26, and I'm pretty sure it's OEM since the Ford emblem was ground off.

At any rate, I followed the instructions posted here, left my office at noon to pick up the part and was back at work - cleaned up - by 4pm. I did the spark plugs along the way and if money saved is money earned, I made about $250.

Thanks again for the info!
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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