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In process of doing my Timing Chain cover gasket. Replaced WP about 7 years ago, now the TC cover gasket is leaking really bad...

I hope I don't have another issue going on, as I've replaced the radiator about 2 months ago, then the heater core, then a week later the TC cover gasket goes.. I'm hoping it's just after resealing the weak stuff is blowing on me and not a Head gasket or something else..
But I have the 3.0 and has never been overheated so that would be really rare.. But anyway..

I see on the autozone repair guide they say to use the special tool 303-544 (T96P-6375-A) is a flywheel holding tool
This is a $119 dollar part.. Now I know all you don't just buy that for doing this, can someone give me a better hint as to get that bolt off?

My other ? is. it says

Apply a suitable sealant to the crankshaft damper key-way

Can anybody provide more detail.. I do you just put a drop on the inside of it, or on the outside part, where exactly do they want it and why would you have to do that????
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