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It's time for some maintenance, a new radiator, new thermostat, painted thermostat housing, trans cooler (lincoln style), coolant temperature gauge, second power steering cooler, new trans fluid, new power steering fluid, and whatever else needs replacement along the way...

DAY 1</span>.. more like an hour and a half in the darkness..

Various Pictures, radiator fan is removed, radiator is just held on by the trans line, and the coolant is either in the tub or washing down the driveway..

<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138597&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138597&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138599&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138599&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138600&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138600&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138602&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138602&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138608&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138608&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138609&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138609&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138611&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138611&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138614&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138614&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138615&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138615&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138616&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138616&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>

And can anyone tell me what this white thing is? on the radiator fans.
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138617&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138617&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>
the other side..
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138618&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138618&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>

the recovered coolant, and some bugs.
<a href=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138619&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' target=\'_blank\'><img src=\'http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138619&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg\' alt=\'\' width=\'1280\' height=\'960\' class=\'attach\' /></a>

<span style=\'color:blue\'>There is more to come, tomorrow.

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Originally posted by silvapain@Aug 7 2004, 12:33 AM
Is that white sensor made out of ceramic?
Indeed it is, maybe it needs replacement.. the fans wouldn't really turn on, thus, this maintenance to fix all the problems from the car warming up.

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Originally posted by silvapain@Aug 7 2004, 12:52 AM
I would go ahead and replace it
<_< awwww that's not going to work well with my current "broke" situation. But I'll see what I can do :D

:lol2: And I am getting all those items in my first post brand NEW, even though I have no $$.. I have my ways :D

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Usually, something in ceramic is a resistor of some kind. The ceramic helps dissipate the heat, not conduct it like, for instance, the brass in a sensor does. That might be a low speed resistor for the fans, but I doubt it senses temp. How many electrical connections are on it?

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That is a step down resistor for the low speed fan circuit.

I would connect 12v to the fans directly to see if they work. If the do then the CCRM is suspect as it contains the relays for the fans. These relays can be replaced with the square automotive lighting relays. Much cheaper than a new CCRM.

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Originally posted by SHOZ123@Aug 7 2004, 12:49 PM
That is a step down resistor for the low speed fan circuit.

I would connect 12v to the fans directly to see if they work.  If the do then the CCRM is suspect as it contains the relays for the fans.  These relays can be replaced with the square automotive lighting relays.  Much cheaper than a new CCRM.
Where is the CCRM?

And I was delayed one day, the parts were supposed to come in today, but, I guess tomorrow they will.

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On the top right of the radiator, under the plastic shelf.

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Day 2

Radiator is removed, new thermostat installed, painted/smoothed thermostat housing is installed.. The radiator shop is closed on weekends, the radiator will be picked up tomorrow.

The old and new thermostat.. $70 Ford Parts Department Item ONLY
http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138978&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

the thremostat location is reachable without removing the intake.. darn SHO Times..
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138979&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138979&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

You just have to remove a bunch of other stuff..
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138980&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138980&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

My smoothed, painted, thermostat housing compared with the original.
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138981&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138981&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

A clear view to the thermostat.. and the intake is STILL on.
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138982&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138982&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

The trick to not dropping the nuts.. put some platic in to close the gap.. (and use the expensive version of craftman's lineup. :P )
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138983&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138983&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

The thermostat housing is installed.
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138984&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138984&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

The radiator is now removed.. it was hurt a little in the removal.
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138985&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138985&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

The empty space where the radiator was is now covered in trans fluid.
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138986&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138986&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

And the rest of the trans fluid is on the driveway.
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138987&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138987&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

It's pretty empty in there...Now would be a good time to install a CAI
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138988&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138988&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]

Storage for the delicates is in the trunk.
[url=http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138989&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg][img]http://www.supermotors.org/getfile.php?id=138989&toggle=fullsize&f=.jpg' alt='' width='1280' height='960' class='attach' />[/url]
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