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Greetings from sunny Mexico!

I have a '97 Sable GS, Duratec engine, 42,800 miles.

The temperature needle is always in the middle, never overheats.

After almost seven years and almost 43,000, should I change the coolant?

Temperatures in my home town are never too extreme. This morning we had about 34 degrees to 70 max, and during summer we get a minimum of 59 to a maximum of about 93.

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here is a word of advice, it never hurts to change your fluids early. around 45,000 miles sounds about right. open your coolant resevoir. if you can take some out and look at the color. mine was brown when i changed it. i think the standard is like a neon green. but now the same type of coolant comes in all sorts of color.
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