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I read a while back about some kind of coolant/rust issue in the Taurus. I think my car has this as it seems to always be losing fluid somehow and sometimes you can smell fluid when you switch off the car after having driven it a reasonable distance. I took off the cap of the overflow tank (which is the only place I see to ad fluid to the system) and its rusty colored all over the tank and all inside. I had to fill up the whole tank with coolant (Zerex max-life) and while I was doing so noticed some corrosion in what looks like a freeze plug in the front of one of the heads on the engine. The corrosion is all kinds of colors and its still moist. There's rust color up top in one specific spot like something was leaking but I don't see (for now) where it could be leaking as there's no coolant running up here with the intake? Anywayz....can someone tell me what is going on with this "plug"?

I'm taking a 300 mile trip to take my sister to an airport (myrtle beach) wednesday so I need to get to the bottom of this NOW!

Thanks guys!!
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Not sure whatthe "plug" is all about but if you're short on time and you need to get to myrtle beach, I would suggest buying a bottle of BARS radiator stop leak to try and remedy the problem temorarily until you have time to get to the bottom of your dilema. I've used the stuff before with good success, it's stop the leaks in both my cars for the past year.
Before you add the stop leak, flush and fill your coolant so that you can get a good amount of the crap out of there. Once you've done that, then put in the BARS. Either flush and fill yourself of take it to a shop, but explain to them that you've noticed a lot of corrosion, and you would like them to flush it for a little longer than normal, to make sure everything is out....
Just don't go to Pep Boys...trust me on that one...

Thanks for all the help.

I checked it thoroughly this time and the leak up top is where the small coolant return line from the expansion tank meets the metal line going into (or out of?) the engine. It has one of those cheap factory hose clamp deals on it so I bought some screw type hose clamps to make the connection more secure.

As for the looking like it had corrosion....I scraped that off best I could and saw that it is an aluminum freeze plug. Obviously coolant is very slowly seaping out (I can watch it when the engine gets hot) around where the iron head has obviously rusted out where it meets the plug. Doesn't give me the best feeling in the world as this is happening in a high pressure system.

I bought some of that old cold weld stuff that bonds metal that farmers use on tractor engine blocks, etc. and also some of the BAR'S you suggested. I think I might get by til I decide what to do next. I'll be working on her tonight.

Thanks again guys!
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<<< I took off the cap of the overflow tank (which is the only place I see to ad fluid to the system) and its rusty colored all over the tank and all inside>>>

That doesn't look good. a full change is recommended.
I recommend that you read through this thread again very carefully and follow the instructions about how to properly address the "brown coolant" problem: Freeze Plugs And By-pass Kit
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