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hey guys,

my car keeps hesitating to start in the very hot weather, as well as when it is very cold out too. When it eventually starts, you can smeel the fuel and know it is running rich. I have replaced my IAC valve and cleaned out the MAF, as well as played with my TPS sensor, yet it still continues to want to hesitate on start.

I have not yet looked at the spark plugs, but am sure i need my 100K tune up soon, but i am begining to think that the Coolant temperature sensor has gone bad.

The symptoms seem to fit: running rich, hesitation during start up until the engine warms up.

anyways i was looking in my Haynes manual, and they only show the location for the OHV engine.

I have the DOHC engine and do not know the exact location of where it is.

Just figured id ask you guys if u know where it is located>??

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