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Over the winter I went into a skid, curbed my car and bent my inner tie rod (which I replaced) but initially I thought it was a bent control arm, so I disconnected the driver's side control arm from the ball joint and from the sub frame of my 2000 Taurus. But now I can't reattach the control arm. Any one have any advice, because I don't want to tow my car to a shop just to reattach a control arm. See below for additional detail if it would be helpful.

-The forward portion of the arm that attaches inside the sub frame is at a slight angle and so the holes are misaligned and I cant fit the bolt back through. nor can I remove the control arm from the sub frame to try to re-position it properly.

-The rearward side of the control are also will not slot back in between the metal plates on the sub frame to bolt the arm back on, the control arm contacts the forward metal plate by a few mm and I cant hammer it into place.

-would attaching the control arm back to the ball joint make life any easier?

If pictures would be helpful let me know and I can upload some
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