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Hi All,

My 96 (vulcan) has been missing recently, and in the normal course of checking things out I pulled the plugs. Some of the plugs are slightly oilly, others have carbon, and others still have ash deposit. There isn't a single clean plug.

When I went to hook up my compression tester I discovered that the standard adapter can't be screwed in because the top portion of the adapter has wider threads, which end up hanging up before the proper (smaller) threads make contact.

My compression gauge came with a "14mm Long Reach" adapter, and it can be screwed in fine. I'm concerned though that it might make contact with the piston if I try to crank over. When compared to the motorcraft plugs that were in there, it would seem this adapter is only going to go in an extra 1/8 - 1/4" at most.

I've never had an engine fully dissesembled before! Just how much clearance is there between a spark plug and the piston?

Ohh, and since the engine is now going to be very cold before I get around to the compression test, will this affect results?

Just hoping one of the gurus here can help me out

Something else I noticed.... I got Bosch Platinum plugs and used the chart at Crappy Tire to match them up -- yet these new plugs also look like they're going to be in the cylinder much futher than the motorcraft, anyone else noticed this?

-- Steve

That adapter will be fine, it's the same one I use. Also, I'd recommend Motorcraft plugs only. A lot of people have had trouble with other brands, especially Bosch.

Compression readings should be OK on a cold engine.
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