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Being a relative newbie, I have a few basic questions about the cold air intake on a 1994 GL with a 3.8 engine:

• How much airflow/suction should there be, starting at the air intake in the fender? I don't have any equipment to measure the airflow, so I unbolted the intake tube's mounting bolt from the fender, started up the engine, and stuck my hand between the fender and the intake tube. I felt some airflow/suction, but not much. Is this normal?

• Does the engine itself pull air through the intake tube faster while traveling, than it does during idle? If so, I know it wouldn't be due to air being pushed into the intake tube faster, since its inlet is isolated in a location where the air won't move significantly faster with the faster speed of the car.

I also read the granddaddy of CAI mod threads here (http://www.taurusclub.com/forum/87-engine-drivetrain/84260-cold-air-intake-pictures.html), which almost had me wanting to do such a mod, but not after I read the whole thread through, since I'm not looking for extra noise or a marginal increase in throttle, etc., especially since some people find it decreases HP, etc.

What got me wondering about the air intake, is that during some other work I've been doing under the hood, I re-noticed something I've been seeing for at least the past two or three years: the gasket between the air intake tube and the fender is a flimsy foam, which has largely deteriorated across the top and sides of this gasket, leaving a gap between the tube and the fender of about an eighth of an inch. It seems to me this wouldn't be a problem until the temperature under the hood gets pretty hot, but since it does get hot not long after starting up the engine, I wondered if pulling some hot air from under the hood has any negative impact on the operation of the engine, especially during hot weather (summers here near Sacramento get up to 95+), while sitting in traffic. After I read the big CAI thread, it seems many people who convert to an HAI (hot air intake), while still thinking it's (or calling it) a cold air intake mod, aren't seeing problems with pulling in hot air from under the hood, but I wonder if that's an accurate assessment.

In the end, I decided not to worry about other things like the constriction of the stock air intake tube leading into the air filter box, and I went the simple route instead: I just duct taped the top and sides of the air intake tube's opening, to the engine side of the fender. It seems to me that just replacing the flimsy gasket might not be very effective for long, since a new gasket's adhesive might just separate from the fender not long after, due to flexing while driving, heat, etc., unless the adhesive were a better quality than it's likely to be. If that were to happen, I'd be better off sticking with just using duct tape.

Here's MY custom CAI mod!:

Auto part Wire Automotive fuel system Engine Electrical wiring

I actually already did a minor air intake mod a few weeks ago, to slightly increase airflow (if that matters), when I removed the intake silencer cone from the air filter box (in the Gen 2 Taurus 3.8, you just twist it and it comes out), and I replaced the air filter with a high flow filter (though not K&N--I don't want to deal with an oiled filter). I didn't notice any increase in noise (the engine and water pump are loud enough), so I'll leave out the silencer unless it helps to reduce air turbulence over the MAFS, or some other reason.
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