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Now that I've gotten my 93 Taurus 3.0 engine running as good as new (as described in Taurus problems below), I'm tackling the other problems the car has.

First is a rather loud rattling noise which comes from the area of the left front coil spring every time the car hits a bump, and it can be the slightest bump. You can lean on the front fender and bounce the thing up and down and not get any noise at all - it has to be a bump in the road, and then it happens every time.

The car got a recall for coil springs a few years back, but all it said was "coil springs", so I have no idea what that was all about, or what they did at the dealer.

So, this may be nothing important at all, or something may be ready to fall off the car. Anyone got any ideas as to what is causing this noise?


These types of noises are pretty tough to diagnose. It could be a strut mount, stabilizer link, ball joint, or a bad bushing. What you'll have to do is either have it checked at a shop, or climb under and start inspecting things.

I doubt the noise is from the spring, but since there was a recall, it wouldn't hurt to check it anyway.
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