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326 - EGR circuit voltage lower than expected.

In the book, it says test the EGR valve. it tests Ok out of the car. The vaccum line to it is OK.
Does anyone know what else in there might typically throw this code out? I don't want to replace the PFE part just yet, but does it go bad? (BTW, it is the cylinder looking part right next to the EGR valve, has an elecrical connector.
Anything else I could check before swapping the PFE solenoid?

624 EPC solenoid.

This is the solenoid in the transmission that controls main line pressure. At idle with car in park, it is suppose to produce 15 PSI, mine is producing 50 PSI.
It is possible to remove it with the tranny in the car, but how hard is it to get that side pan off for access?
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