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Code 22

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Just curious if this means that sometime in its life the map sensor read out of range or if this means it needs replacing. Car has a bad surging idle problem and no power under accleration sometimes, and this is what the scanner spit out. I should mention as well that there is no check engine light being set. THanks in advance.
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Most likely you're getting Code 22 for Ignition problems but Do this Checklist for Code 22:

1) Locate the Map sensor (near the firewall) and verify that the vacuum hose is firmly plugged and all the wires firmly attached to it. If everything looks firmly attached go to step 2.

2) Verify Coil Pack, Distributor assembly and T.F.I. module (Thick Film Ignition Module) if any of those ain't doing its job your car will react like you described.
I had another Ford car with TFI problems and the ECIV computer would give me a "false" Code 22 when actually the problem was originated by the TFI module and the old Coil Pack.

Just some ideas for your car. I hope that helps.
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