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Code 177

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Having problems with my inlaws 95 Taurus with the 3.8. Over the past few days the CEL has been coming on and off, it was running ok except for rough idle until today it started running like crap all the time. Took it to a garage, they checked the codes , showed oxygen sensors, one bank was lean and one was rich. They cleaned the MAF, replaced a leaky vacuum hose and replaced one of the oxygen sensors that had cracked porclan.
Then it seemed to run ok, the mechcanic even drove it for about 5 miles, ran good and no more CEL, so I thought great problem solved. As I left the garage I see the fuel light is on so I stop for gas, then about 1 mile down the road after getting gas the stupid CEL comes on again!!! So I turn around and head back to the garage, it seems to be running ok but the CEL stays on. The mechanic checks the codes again, shows oxygen sensors again but this time both banks are rich. He spent quite some checking things over but could find no other problems. Only thing he could think of was since I had just got gas, maybe got some water or something in the gas . So he added some Sea Foam to the gas, then say to drive it for a couple days and see if that helps.
I would appreciate any help with this, thanks!
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Update, my inlaw drove the car today , ran good for awhile even the CEL was going on and off. Then all of a sudden it started running like crap again just like before. Shortly afterwards I took it for a drive and it's running ok again except for the CEL going on and off. Whats going on with this temperamental Taurus???
Anybody??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!
A couple of ideas. First, on the 3.8 make sure the fittings directly behind the MAF are secure. I changed the air filter and did not notice that the housing was not on securly so it sucked air into the system.

Also, check to make sure the fuel cap is not damaged or that the opening into the fuel tank is not damaged. The system is on a vacum and a leak at the fuel cap will give you those problems.

The cap should tighten and then click...if it doesn't, might need a new one.

ppayette thanks for the ideas, I checked the fittings on the MAF and they are all secure. Also checked the fuel cap and the opening into the fuel tank seem ok.
Now the car idles rough and when I first step on the gas from a dead stop it will almost die, but once it gets rolling it seems ok until the next stop, also the gas mileage is terrible, can literally see the gas gauge going down. And when it's idling I can smell gas from the exhaust it's running so rich. I was thinking maybe the TPS is bad, but wouldn't it throw a code if it was bad?

Again I greatly appreciate any ideas. Thanks!
Anybody else have any ideas??? This is driving me nuts!!!
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