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Clutch Pedal Cover

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Is there any place where I could find a new clutch pedal cover or clutch pedal assemply for my car, because the cover is gone, and there is no like grip on the pedal, which leads me to the danger of my foot slipping off the pedal, so I was wondering where I could find one, my other pedals are fine, its just the clutch.
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autozone has em. and they arent the glo kind, just stock lookin
Yes, autozone, pepboys, etc. I don't think the stock rubber pedal covers are stocked alongside the "ricer" variety. Try to look in the secion for older type cars. I've seen these rubber pedals placed alongside rolldown window levers, accordion type shift boots, generic interior pieces for late 70's-80's cars, etc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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