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New to body paint work of any kind, but I seem to have a knack for popping out dents .
Just smogged my 87 wagon in CA & want to clean up the ext, now. mostly garaged, but still have oxidation on hood & top of tailgate & mirror panels. Was going to look at paint but found a hood in same paint, same year & got it cheap. Perfect but for scrape L to R in front, but not all the way to paint layer (31), Mettallic med blue) and have been successfully rubbbng it out very slowly and cautiously with Turtle wax bug & tar remover. Spending hundreds of dollars is pretty much out of the question so i will either self clearacoat or not at all.
My questions

Since i am taking off a lot of clearcoat on front of 'new' hood, should I re-clearcoat?
can I do this from a can or is this pretty hopeless?
Can i partial clearcoat, just in the area where I have been rubbing out the scratch?
Can I do it outside, since the water heater in the garage is gas?
Can i clearcoat on clearcoat without sanding?
How do i strip off the wax from the rubbing compound?
I planned to prop it against the fence in the back yard...is vertical better than horizontal?

My experience is limited. have refinished both bumpers. First one OK but a little blotchy on the gray. Second one kind of drippy on the clearcoat (hi temp) but I am rubbing it out.

Also found a '92 tailgate seems to be same color/shade but door panel calls it ME (or MF)...could it be the same color as my '87 (31) or should I just forget it. OR how would I find out. I think the effect of the sun on metallic med blue should obscure minor differences due to sun exposure.

Any help very much appreciated.
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