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Cleaning MAF sensor

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All of the tutorials I have seen are telling to take out the MAF sensor for cleaning. However, on my car it requires a special screwdriver it seems (in fact two, because the second screw looks different to me)

1. Does this mean that it's not really meant to be taken out?

2. Is there a way to clean MAF sensor without taking it out?
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Understood. Seems like a good time to apply throttle body cleaner as well.
The best way to clean Throttle Body is to remove it. It's fairly easy: disconnect accordion hose (air intake), return spring, cruise and accelerator cables, electrical connector and remove four bolts that connect TB to the intake. Then use cleaner along with tooth brush and wipe the crud with a rug. While you're at it, remove and clean IAC valve (only two 8mm bolts and electrical connector).
I am confused about how to disconnect the spring and the cables from the throttle body. Should I just pull them out? I don't think I am going to do it. After removing the air accordion I can see that throttle body looks surprisingly clean. The butterfly looked clean on box sides, etc. I sprayed the TB cleaner inside and outside of TB and put it back together.
If it looks clean, then don't do it. But just in case to disconnect cables and spring: spring just comes off, on throttle cable you have to turn the end a certain way, so you would be able to slide (lead?) end through the opening and CC (Cruise Control) cable has an arrow on the plastic part, it just slides off. Installation is reverse order of removal.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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