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Reading other posts about chipping has me confused. Granted, better shifting is desired to keep the tranny from exploding. but why not just get a shift kit instead? If you were to install a shift kit, will that null the chip? What I want is HP gain, a good amount of it, say 10-15... but by getting it chipped, will it kill gas mileage? what I really want to is run 2 progs. I want a peak perform setting and a factory/fuel effecient setting... I dont wanna run around everywhere running premium fuel, I cant afford that. another thing is, is this type of mod for me, or is there something better I can do. I'm not exactly the brightest when it comes to engines, i dont even know where the chip will go, so even if i get it, i dont know where to put it... do they come with instruction, or is it Chilton time? and with my luck, I'd prolly break something... anyway, i think I should just stick with accesory mods... that way I hopefully wont kill my car...

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Most people find that the firmer shifts resulting from just a chip is anough. If you want more, you can always add a shift kit later. Beware though, there are a lof of shift kits out there that will do more harm than good, although there are also a lot that are very good.

Getting chipped will actually improve gas mileage, which will offset the cost of premium. However, most people, after the chip, drive their cars more aqgressively, so they actually experience a decrease in MPG due to their own driving, but either way it is not significant. For those that only want the transmisison performance upgrade and other tweaks, regular fuel programs are available also.

A gain on that car is about 10hp, although some cars will see less and some maybe a couple more. The main selling points of the chip for this car though, is the is the improved engine braking, aurto tranny performance, better throttle resposne, etc.

I do not recommend having two programs when one for regular fuel and one for premium (althoguht it can be done)...if you have regular in the tank, what are you gonna do, empty it out, and fill with premium when you want to stomp it? You must have n ENTIRE tank of premium...you cannot really have any regular mizze din there.

As far as mods, for the money, I'd say a chip is the best. For $325, what else will provide such gains? Curettnly, there is a goroup purchase going on for this site that will give you $25 off.

The chip will comoe with instructions. I can help install it or so can some of the members, in regards to answering quesitons on here or via e-mail.
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