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Cherrybomb Resonators

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I think I read here that a longer resonator, ie a Cherry bomb, will make the exhaust note deeper and a shorter res. will make it higher. Is this accurate and if so would it be a good idea to put the longest Bomb I can fit under the car when I add my Flowmaster?

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If you're just swapping the muffler (and keeping the stock pipe) the stock resonator will be fine. But, if you're getting a complete catback with bigger pipes, then yes, the longer the res, the better it sounds. But, I've heard bad things about cherry bombs and cheap glass packs. If you are replacing the stock res, replace it with something made from stainless steel (instead of aluminized steel), so it doesn't rust out in 6 months.
I would completely remove the resonator, and just use a flomaster 50 series muffler. If you want to add a resonator on later, it's not hard at all. The resonator is very restrictive. Don't use a glasspack, they rust out too easily.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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