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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's posted about this code. It helped me solve my issue, so just wanted to confirm that for all those who get a P1401 code, your best bet is to get the DPFE sensor replaced.

And by the way, at least with my '01 Taurus, the part was only $30 at the Ford dealer, but $80 at the Autozone. Apparently, Ford re-designed this part due to all the failures, and now is cheaper than any non-OEM parts.


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Just go to your local dealership, there was a Technical Service Bulletin release about this and they should replace it for free. :) Just tell the service manager you know there was a TSB on it and make sure they'll cover it. I took mine in for this and they took care of it right away, no questions asked. B) I think you have until either 75k or 100k miles 'til the extended coverage on it runs out, I can't remember which.

I just noticed that you paid for the repair - you should be able to get reimbursement for this cost. Talk to your local dealership and if they want do anything call and explain the situation (if you want your money back ;)):
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