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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has posts guides/tips/suggestions on this site.

I bought a '99 Duratec Wagon w/ 84k miles back in Feb. and it was throwing out the P0171, P0174 and P0401 codes (PO said the shop could never track the problem down...) I thought I had solved it after a loose vacuum hose was reconnected but the P0401 code came back in a couple days and I was stumped.

After browsing the forum I found all the helpful guides and suggestions regarding this code and decided to replace the DPFE. I also ran across a couple comments about the EGR passage being clogged so I made a note to check that as well.

Even at <85k miles the throttle body and intake were filthy and the EGR passage was near, if not completely, clogged with carbon. After thoroughly cleaning those out and replacing the DPFE sensor (had one of the metal ones, replaced with plastic one) the code has not appeared again and the car seems to be running a little better. No idea if the DPFE was the problem or the clogged passage but I had already bought the part.

tl:dr - P0401 code fixed by cleaning EGR passage in intake and replacing DPFE sensor.

P.S. - I kept finding conflicting info on the location of the DPFE on the Gen3 Duratec's - I was expecting it to be on the side of the engine against the firewall but it was on the back (driver) side of the engine under the intake on mine.

Thanks again guys!
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