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Cd Changer

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Im curious as to what CD Changers will work in my Taurus. I might be able to have a working CD Changer out of a 97 Explorer, from a friend of a friend. Any pictures that could help me out, or any info I may need. I know for sure I would need the mounting brackets but thats not important, just information on if it will or wont work, and where to look to see if I have the wiring needed.

Nick Saturday
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Ok this is what i did on my 2000, which has the same radio as a 98 i think. The radio tuner and amp are in the back left wheel well in the trunk. I went to circuit city got a 10 sony mp3 charger and a soundgate Interface cable and a sony to ford cd charger interface. Togerther without the charger the cables cost about $80 The box says it will work on 1995 factory radios that are in the trunk. The only thing is when you have a mp3 cd in it and u r on song 100 plus it show only last 2 digits on the display(song 135 it show 35). It works with all of the factory buttons on the radio.
we sell this one called the "NeoChanger" at best buy which has allllll different types of adapters and harnesses for like 30 select cars, and the taurus is one of them, there is a ford plug in there, it plays MP3's as well, 10 disc, its a nice changer. look on the website im sure its on there
The explorer changer will work as long as you have the cable. I pulled(stole) the explorer changer from a local junk yard here and paid $53.00 for the OEM cable. Works great. I had to mount mine vertical to the floor of the trunk with the opening pointing towards the rear rather than up.(kept gettign an error message any other way) So I just used the stock explorer brackets and cut them a little and custom mounted it to the side of my trunk.
well I found the cd changer on the site, Thanks Ibanez! Its $250 but out of stock
looks good, I'm probably gonna go with this when its in stock!

Thanks guys

Nick Saturday
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