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Cd Changer In Center Console

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I have a 2001 with a center console. I want to put an OEM changer in the console, not the trunk. I think I have heard that it might be pre-wired for putting the changer in the console. Is this right? If not, will it be a big pain to run the cable from the console back to the trunk mounted RCU? I don't want to pull out seats, etc.

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it isnt hard if you unbolt the seats and move them forward. the seats actually unbolt very easily. i ran all my RCA cables and wires into the console and it only took a few minutes with the seats unbolted. i dont know about not moving the seats, that would definitly add some difficulty.

another thing that moving the seats accomplishes is exposing some holes in the carpet where you can access the wires and pull them. without this it will be very hard
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I tried to install a Pioneer 12 disc changer into the center console on my '99 and it would not fit, so I scrapped the idea.

A smaller changer may have worked, and I don't know how much room is in the '01 console.
this might be a dumb question... but you're talking about unbolting the front seats right hoss??
yes. they come out with just 4 bolts and that makes running the wires under the carpet into the center console very easy.
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