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Hello and thanks in advance. I took over the wifes 96 taurus 3.0.
and started seeing an intermittent problem with dimming head lights and the instrument cluster. I could not find anything totally bad but I was getting about 13.5V from the altanator, it was original so I changed it. A few days later it happened again, still could not find anything. Today after work I had a dead battery. I get a jump and drive home to check things out, when I turn the ignition off and get out I hear the cooling fans running. I cycle the key a few times and they are still running. I tapped on the ccrm and they shut off. Question, could this have been the cause for the dimming headlights? Also because of a bad check valve I turn the key to on several times to pump up the fuel line, could this cause the ccrm to act up?
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