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Anything can be made to fit. However, your best bet is to find a junkyard Gen 3 or 4 with factory duals. Hack the back portion off (from in front of the Y) and pay the $20 or whatever for it. Then have a muffler shop weld it in for $50 or so.

Or you can have them bend you up a custom cat-back. Don't go too big on the pipe diameter... 2" is more than enough for duals. And make sure they mandrel bend the pipes. Some shops (very few, actually) will crimp-bend the pipes. It's cheaper, but cuts down on flow and has less rigidity. I don't think you'll pay more than $200 plus the cost of mufflers, but that's just a guess.

All Tauruses (or at least from Gen 2 on up) have stainless pipes. Only get non-stainless pipes if you plan on keeping the car less than 2 years.
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