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Cassette Adaptor Question?

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I got this Sony MP3 CDman with the car kit.... was working fine...

Now I guess I am having a problem with the cassette adaptor?

when I put this cassette adaptor the right way, the stock audio (GEN 3) tape deck play fine for a few sec, then changes direction (to side 2)... then again back to side 1 then so.. finally says "TDE" and goes to radio.

regular audio cassettes work fine?

I first felt that the spools on the cassette adaptor were to tight.. so i ripped it open & reassembled.. it work fine for a few days...
then again now the tape deck reverses side after a few second.

what makes it reverse direction?
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sounds like the spool wheels are just jamming, the only thing that would make it switch sides would be if it was having problems turning the spools. id suggest trying a new adapter.
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