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Carriage Roof...

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The roof of my Gen3 is all wrinkled and dippy from a friend jumping on it once, and then heavy snow indenting the whole thing in abotu 4 inches. I would love the look of a tan carraige top...and figured This might be an "easy solution". Anyone know who would put one on...how much, could I do it myself...?
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IMO, a fake convertible roof doesn't work on that round of a body. It worked in decades past when cars were boxy, but round cars just don't look right w/ one.

If you do get one, try asking a body shop for an estimate. They car probably do it for you. I don't think you should do it yourself unless you know how to. I think it requires gluing special vinyl to the roof and put some metal trim where it meets the body on teh pillars.

I wouldn't do it to my ride, but if you would rather spend the money on that, and not actual body work, have at it. It may surprise me and look good.

I would think it would be cheaper to get a bodyman to fix it rather than cover it. Unless you do it yourself.
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Is the dent really big? You can buy one of those suction cup things the paintless-dent-removal places use as well as the contractors that work with large panels of glass. You can try to pull out the dent that way...
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