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Carpet Replacement

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Hi All,

I am thinking about replacing the carpet in my '99 Taurus wagon. Has anyone done this or could anyone give me some pointers? I consider my mechanical skills as intermediate as I have recently replaced the waterpump, T-stat and Serp Belt, with relative ease.

Does the carpet come pre-cut and fitted?


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I got my new carpet from a company in South Carolina and you're more than likely gonna hafta do all the cuttin yourself. It wasn't too terribly bad, considerin I've never dealt with any type of carpet ever, with the exception of vaccuumin. Shouldn't be too difficult since you've done those mechanical jobs you listed.
Just did mine last week. Ordered carpet from JC Whitney. Taking out front buckets was easy, bolts unscrew from floor, no nuts underneath car like was on my old 66' Fairlane and console easy to remove. Need a t-45 to remove the seat belt bolt in floor. This carpet was "formed" to fit, only had to cut for seats bolt holes, console bolt holes and for the heater vents under the seats. Took about 2 hours from start to stop.
Originally posted by gruffybear@Apr 28 2004, 07:18 PM
Just did mine last week. Ordered carpet from JC Whitney. .
which grade did you get?
I looked there and they had several types
Went with the 800 series (pile cut). Nice and thick, and a comes with thick insulation underneath.

How do I find what the "stock" color match for my car. Or should I try ordering it from a Ford dealer? The interior is "supposed" to be "Denim Blue" but it has faded somewhat.

Hmmm.... not sure, mine was simple "graphite" color which most 98's were, did you look at the JCWHITNEY site to see if you could recognize a color similar to yours? They will send you a swatch if you can come close or it may be worth just calling your local Ford Parts Counter and give them your vin and they should be able to tell you. Keep me posted.
My stock color per Ford is "Dark Denim Blue." They also wanted over $500 for a stock carpet replacement. What kind of padding did you get? And would you buy from the same company again?
WOW, that's a HIGH price! Carpet came with 1/2 or 3/4 inch of insulated padding molded to the bottom of the carpet. Yes, I would use the same company again. Can't find invoice for mine but it was somewhere in the $200 range, give or take a few bucks.
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