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Im wondering if someone could do a Vin check for me as i'm interested in finding out what happened to my ol Taurus. It was "totalled" by the insurance company but im unsure as to where it may have went after that. I miss it. :(

VIN: 1FAFP52UIWG237301

If someone could I'd be ever so greatful. Thanks in advance

-Nick S.

Edited: incase your curious as to why it was totaled, someone made left turn infront of me (coming from other direction) and I slid into them when trying to brake. I did try turning but when the car finally caught it jumped left too late and instead of t-boning them I caught their bumper. Their vans bumper flew off and went about 20 feet, and the metal on their van behind the bumper hit and broke the right headlight and ripped through it and ripped the fender. Airbags went off and destroyed windshield aswell. Total damage cost $7,768.20

If it was junked then it may just disappear off records.. I ran a carfax on a 92 SHO in the junkyard and it came back with a $5000 buy back garantee... carfax doesn't really show that much.
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