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Hey All,

Been a while since I've posted, got temporarily laid off from work, so now that I have some free time, I need to work on the Taurus.

So I'm not sure where to start. I've been having a constant problem with the car "walking" down the highway. This problem has been going on for months now. I think I get it, and it comes back. The first time this happened, it was on the driver's side. The wheel bearing was shot. I jacked the car up, and at 12 and 6, the wheel would wobble. I replaced both left and right wheel bearings. All was good. A few weeks later, I felt the wobble come back. I jacked the car up, and this time, the passenger side tire wobbled at 12 and 6. This side previously had no problems. I only changed the bearing as preventive maintainance. I discovered that the nut on the axle was loose. I thought that maybe I hadn't torqued (184lbs) it enough, so I re-torqued it to 184lbs (new nut) and all was good for a few days, then it came back. This went on for a few weeks. I then began to feel a vibration in the steering wheel as well as the "walking" all over the road at highway speeds. I was going to Maine to visit my girlfriend that weekend and I figured before I left it would be good to change that axle. Put a BRAND NEW, Not refurbished axle in, drove the car for a week before I left that weekend and double checked the nut before I left and it was tight. Vibration was gone as well.

I came home, and the nut was loose again. The whole trip the car "walked" even though the nut was tight right before I left. There was a vibration at 65+ now. This is with the BRAND NEW axle. Am I missing something?? My suspension has roughly 35k on it since I rebuilt it. When I rebuilt it, I replaced:

Ball Joints
Control Arms
End Links
CV Joints (Now going on the second set)
Outter Tie Rods (10k ago)
4-Wheel Alignment (10k ago)
4 New Tires (10k ago)

The car has new tires on it, I put on maybe, 10k ago. The passenger side rear tire is also wearing a lot faster then the other 3 tires. That may be a separate issue. I haven't replaced my subframe bushings, but it appears the previous owner did. The car only has just shy of 80k on it.

I did look at the subframe mounts, and the front ones do appear to be worn, tight, but appear to be worn. I took a picture. What do you guys think? Could these be causing my problems? Am I overlooking something? The car also has a pull to the left. I'd like to fix whatever might be broken and have it re-aligned.

Also there appears to be a small hole in the back of the subframe (see picture) any thoughts on how I can fix this? Is it fixable?






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Did you replace the nut, or if you re-used the original one, did you put Loc-tite on it?

I fear that the hole in the subframe is a symptom of serious rust. Somebody here rebuilt theirs by welding heavy steel plate to the cups, but it required removal of the subframe.

It was in a fairly recent thread, but I can't find it via search. Wait, found it with a Google search. It was part of mt_goat's really excellent transmission thread. Starts at post #33: http://taurusclub.com/forum/index.php?show...62749&st=25

It involves metalforming, cutting, TIG welding and, of course, painting.

I suppose you could drop the subframe sufficient to weld up the fix, but it would be tight and difficult without a lift.

I would have to have someone else do it and most likely the cheapest alternative for me would be to buy a new subframe and have someone put it on. Engine cradle ("subframe") is $750 at Fast Parts Network. I'm guessing $400 in labor to remove the old, put on the new. No idea how much less for the part at a boneyard... it's not the sort of bit that lends itself to pick and pay yards, so there would be labor costs involved.

Hmmm. current Boston Craigslist has 5 1995 Tauruses for under $1000...
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