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Car Vibrates At 40-55 Mph

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mi car is a 92 tauri 3.0, i have checked an replaced all tires, there is no sign of worn tie end rods either external or internal, only the steering wheel, with engine off, rotates freely about 10degrees before it makes an effort to turn the tires...

i tought that maybe it could be unbalanced tires, but they only vibrate when i step on the accel, because i have noticed on down hill the car barely vibrates, and i think is because the little bumps on the highway, but if i accel then the car shakes a lot then it keeps steady once it reachs 50-53 mph.

what could be?
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It sure sounds like a wheel balance issue. Did you lose a wheel weight? Are the two front tires of equal wear?
Hmm....my car did that, except it was up around 60mph. It stopped when I got new Tie Rod Ends put on my car. Do you hear a squeaking/creaking noise when you turn the wheel by any chance?
i dont think i loose a weigth, UnderE. but yes is slightly diferent wear on both tires.
on the other hand, SMC540 no i just replace both tie end rods, the external ones not the internal because they were perfect tight, not even a milimeter of movement... but i'll chek the balance again tought
ah, i forgot to mention that there is no noise when i turn the wheel...
also the rack has an adjustment ? like the olds ones, those who didn't had a power assist remember?
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