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All these mods are for 94 GL ( nicknamed the CLITaurus ...lol its a joke my lil brother made up)

Exterior: Get ALL body work done. and a repaint. Rims (17's or 18's).

Performance: Cold air intake, all new wiring, spark plugz and i cant think of anything else So if you all want to help me out on performance, let me know.

Mobile Audio/Video: Well right now I have a SONY X-PLOD head unit, wit X-PLOD door speakers, and kenwood 6x9's with a PS2 hooked up to my LEGACY 7.2" LCD monitor, and 2 12" SONY X-PLOD subs with a 760 watt amp (sony also). I plan on making another custom encloser for 2 more 12"z (MA Audio, and Audiobahn) and another amp. I also plan on puttin my new gamecube in there and hopefully be able to afford atleast 2 more LCD monitors for the headrest.

Interior: I want to paint all my interior to match my exterior and also add crushed velvet on the inside.

Well other than that I can't find out anything else I want to do, so once again, Help me out plz..thx

1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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