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Awesome to see all these modifications and upgrades being made, even during the winter time.

Personally, I will be having the following done within the next few months:

New connecting rod bearings, oil pan gasket

Suspension overhaul
. New KYB GR-2 struts all around
. New Moog cargo coils for the rear
. New front strut mounts and bearings
. 26mm rear sway bar with poly bushings
. Homemade SS-like front and rear strut bars

Flush the PS fluid (looks to be original at 137k)
Clean the inside of my foggy headlights
Diagnose and reinstall my PIAA fog lights
Plumb my tranny lines for my temp gauge
Plumb my oil pan for my (coming) pressure gauge

I think that's enough for now.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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