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Not sure if this is the right section. Admin, please move if that's the case.

I did a 0-60 MPH test today (using a scangauge, meaning OBD read speed/distance). OBD speed is within 1-2mph compared to GPS. If anyone is interested I can do some more runs and also post more detailed data (0-10, 0-20 times etc)

Car: 2000 Sable Wagon with duratec engine, 178k miles
Car condition: recent tune-up (oil, plugs, filters), full tank of gas, 180lbs in the car (me and some groceries), full stock except roof rack delete
Start: from idle (foot on the brake than foot on the gas all the way).
Outside conditions: straight, level highway, no traffic whatsoever. ~45F
Gas: winter 87 regular

8.6 s and 441 feet

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Sable 1/8th mile results

Results of my attempt at drag racing 1/8th mile this weekend. I did 5 runs (~70 degree weather)...1 win & 4 losses yet still had a blast.

1st run was a complete disaster as I had T/C OFF…launch from 1500 rpms to immediate WOT spun crazy bad…then I let off gas and caught again…then as I punched it again it started spinning again as it jumped back down into 1st and spun half way through second…then it had moderate bog down after it finally hooked again...2.77sec=60’, [email protected] = EMBARASSING

4th run I had T/C ON and ran against a nice new Durango R/T 5.7L Hemi (RWD)…I WON RACE by 1 second!
Me=2.390sec=60’, [email protected]
Durango=2.474sec=60’, [email protected].
(Durango posted 10.45-10.65sec runs in all 3 race that I saw.)

5th run with T/C on 2.351sec=60’, [email protected] = ME HAPPY (my best ET Run)

My best trap speed was 73.71mph (T/C was ON upon 3rd run...I think?).

Better times are possible but limitations are due to poor tires & driver.

BigWorm…thanks for the advice as it did help…your run would have been close to beating the Durango R/T 5/7L Hemi so that’s a pretty good run in my book.

I have all timeslips except 1...will post them soon. Also a friend did video all but 1 run...which was a bad run anyway.

Several people approached me after winning against the Durango R/T as they were shocked I won...they being even more shocked that I won by a full 1 second...:D

Think I have found some drag radials or slicks that will fit my car...will buy them before going to the track again...after talking with some drag people at the races they said drag radials or slicks should cut my time down to 9.20-9.40 sec...who knows for sure but we will find out next time.

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