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Geeesee what asses. Denny's of course has a FINE reputation for being a community business (not). Ya know you think they could tag it and give a 24 hour notice or something.

Man, I hate denny's. Just seems anytime their name is mentioned, it is not about how they won the nobel peace prize.

I once had my car in impound in indy and it cost $45 to get it out, perhaps I am lucky.
See, my car had been ripped off some time ago and someone reported it after being parked too long in their place (understandable). I had $150 hiding in the center console under some cassettes. As i drove away, i stopped and told the impound people about it and they all had this dumb look on their face. My dad goes, "i think you just broke their hearts in telling them that, they are probably mad they didn't dig thru the thing..."

EDIT - cost 45, not 5 dollars to unimpound...
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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