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I took my car (99 Sable) to get aligned last week. Both passenger side tires have camber that is out of specification. There is no camber adjustment built in, as you may know. The book shows for drilling out 3 spot welds in the strut tower and then rotating the strut to correct the camber. This does not make a lot of sense to me. The shop wanted close to $100 per side to correct.

Has anyone done this modification? My Chilton and Haynes manuals do not show clearly where to drill and what to do. If anyone has experience with this, I would like the guidance.

The rear calls for using ecccentric bushings. I have the Ford part number. The vague discription in my Chiltons manual kinda sounds like my '99 would already have these bushings installed. Is this true? Could you tell me how I could look and see. The alignment tech did not think that I had them.

By the way, the car has the stock wheels and has not been lowered. I have read about the camber plate from Prosuspensions. Sounds good, but not sure if I would need them since the car has not been lowered. Lowering the car in the future, is still an option, so maybe I should just get the plates and do it that way. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


If you look at the top of the strut plate, there are spot welds on it. Those welds get drilled out, then the whole plate is moved to correct camber. It's quite commonly done, like you said there's no adjustment for it on the front.

I'm unsure if the rear control arms already have camber adjustment or not, I've never had to mess with it.
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