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I have the caliper brackets for my previous front brake setup for sale. They will accommodate the 11.6" rotors found on SHO's and 2001+ Tauruses. They're in decent shape; some surface rust, but the slider pins move freely. These do require 16" wheels or larger. These will work with the normal calipers for non-SHO Taureses; all you need is the rotor, pads, and bracket.

I'm asking $28, which includes the shipping ($8 for a flat rate box). For an extra $10, I will clean them up and paint them the color of your choice with high temp paint (Duplicolor engine enamel), including primer and clear. I used this type of paint on my current front brakes and it has held up fine after a a couple of years.

If you would like to see pictures, I can take them, although there's not much to see; just some brackets.:)
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