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Pic of two Sables. Filter of one I have had for 8 years and have changed the filter in the past. Pic of one I just purchased. I removed the mangled filter and there was leaved under and all around. Shop vac and leaf blower cleans up the area. The "rain hat" that is the lid over the filter pops up and hinges in the back for access. Remember to latch both ends when the new filter is in. Cheap filter is not worth putting in. One in this car had the front pushed nearly to the back, so not working. I got Bosch from Amazon and the edges are quite robust. Easy to put in, and remember to reach over the top and seat the back end.
Tools I use. Pick, needle nose pliers with 45 degree bend, and long screw driver. I use the pick to start the spring clamps out, then the pliers to hold and remove the clips. Warning, drop a clip and the "black hole" will own it. I use a long screw driver to reach in and pop the spring clips out. If there is leaves and such on the pas side, pop up the drivers side and shop vac that out and use leaf blower to clean out. Then garden hose using a spray to wash out the drains. The driver's side had a plastic locating pin on the center that needs to go in a hole to align the cowl.
My recent buy according to the record, very detailed, first 115K miles Ford Garages never mentioned the cabin filter. Maybe their tecs do not like to do this.


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