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I've scoured the Google and surfed around the forums here without finding it... Maybe someone here knows?

'09 Sable . On part-throttle light acceleration, first to second and second to third are fine. Third to fourth makes a buzzing/grinding type noise as it shifts, and fourth to fifth does the same (5-6 is ok). Letting off the throttle during the shift minimizes it, but it's still audible and doesn't feel good for it. Occasionally, on a perfectly smooth road, it almost feels like the buzzing persists through 4th gear as well, but it's tough to tell for sure.

Moderate to heavy acceleration, like merging into the freeway, it doesn't happen, only light throttle. It also doesn't happen while the trans is cold. Watching the temps through the scanner, it appears it starts when the temp gets to about 85-90 degrees. Not sure if there is a change to the shifting strategy at that point? The car has about 120k on it. Trans fluid was changed (drain and refill method) at just over 100k using the motorcraft fluid called-for in the manual.

Thanks, everyone. It's worth a shot! Hoping I can make this thing last until the Broncos arrive!
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