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Bull has been sitting for a few months as I've saved up some extra cash for A/C fix. It was a little overdue for an oil change so I thought I would change it before that first crank.

So brainchild here forgets/doesn't pay any attention to the jackpoints. Front/driver's corner of vehicle: Yep, this large bushing under the coil mount looks like a perfect place to jack. So I'm crankin away...up about a foot and the jack slips. CRUNCH!

I was a little more careful the second time and got all jack stands in place with no more trauma. I creep under to inspect the damage: One of the rear brake lines has a massive gash.

I haven't done any pricing or checking, but I wanted to get TCCA opinion before I do. This is a one piece unit, right? If so, does it really arrive from Motorcraft to the store/dealershipin a big 6 foot long skinny box? If I'm slighly mechanically inclined and am more careful, could I tackle this? I'm assuming I'll need to empty brake fluid, replace this line, refill and bleed.

Considering tackling this, this weekend. (If when I wake up for breakfast, I am able to eat my cereal without gouging my eye with the spoon)


mike d

If it's the hard steel line, yes it comes as one long piece. Not hard at all, in fact you don't need to empty the brake fluid, just replace the line and bleed the rear brakes.
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