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Bullgeek, jeff k, or anyone with answers

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What model years used coil-on-plug and was it only on tecs? Also, which tec model year was the pcv moved from down in front of the uim back toward driver strut tower area? And lastly, what year needed CAN capable code reader?
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im not sure of teh exact time that the pcv valve got moved but my 2000 engine had it located deep in the valley of the engine and my 04 (same as 05) engine has it logated in the rear valve cover. as far as i know the duratec never had a remote mounted pcv valve...
as for the CAN bus capable reader i am not 100% sure but 07 for sure used it my guess would be 04 and up
oh ok haha yeah 04 it moved to teh valve cover when they were switched to aluminum
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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