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2001 Sable LS with 3.0L Duratec.
110,000 miles
Front Disc and rear drum brakes.

-Brake warning light on dash comes on intermittently.
-Once it does it usually stays on for the rest of the drive but typically does not re-illuminate
after I shut down & let it sit overnight. It might even stay off a few days and then it

-Fluid level was slightly low but was fine once I replaced the 50% worn front pads.
-Rear shoes were OK and not replaced.
-I tried adjusting the rear brakes by hard stopping a few times while moving in reverse but
that didn't turn off the warning light.
-Emergency Brake is not depressed

-Braking seems OK. The car stops normal without any pulling.
-There aren't any fluid or vacuum line leaks from what I could tell from visual inspection.
-If the engine is off and I pump the brakes, the pedal gets hard. Once I start the car the
pedal looses the built up pressure and moves down.
-If I pump the pedal while the car is running. it doesn't build up anywhere near the same
amount of pressure as when the engine if off. The pedal feels soft and and if I keep slight
pressure on it it moves down.
-I read elsewhere that it might be the fluid level indicator hanging up but I don't see where it
is so I haven't done anything with it.
-I thinking it might be a master cylinder problem but I'd like to at least check & clean the
fluid level indicator just in case it's hanging up and causing the light to illuminate.

Any advice?

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Usually when the red brake light is illuminated, its one of 2 things. Low on brake fluid or e-brake not fully released. You can try spraying the plunger switch right above the e-brake pedal on the arm with wd-40. Other than that, switch in the bottom of the mc reservoir could be dirty or bad. Unplug and spray with elec. cleaner or replace reservoir.

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