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Originally posted by mufflerman@Dec 29 2003, 06:38 PM
open the caliper bleed nipple and let the brake fluid run out(force of gravity) and when the fluid comes out that means it has to come from some where open the hood and you will see at the firewall a big round circular object (booster) and a little round plastic thingy(master cylinder)with a round black cap open this cap and add brake fluid dot 3 which you buy at your auto place.after tigten bleed nipple at caliper .then get some one in car(who has legs and feet) and tell him to pump the black square thingy(brake pedal) and to keep his foot on it.you then open the nipple a little bit and then close it quick,then pump again and re check.
Make sure the person doesnt let up off the brake before you close the nipple; I think you know why.

Also, brake fluid absorbs moisture in the air. When you open the master cylinder, or the brake fluid container, be quick about it. moisture in brake fluid=bad.
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