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Ok, so in case no one knows yet, I've been having this ABS issue. The pump motor didn't seem to be priming.

So I go into work for a meeting this morning, ANTI LOCK light glaring at me the whole way. So I'm leaving work, and it's at a stop sign that I notice that the ANTI LOCK is not on!! Score!! :banana: So I drive for a ways, and decide to test the ABS to make sure that it's for real, and it's not something like the ANTI LOCK bulb burning out or something. :lol: So I take it up to 35, and hit the brakes, and the ABS does it's thing. :) Ecstatic, I do it again, but this time from 50, and WOOHOO! it stops. :thumb:
Aaaannnd then the pedal slowly sinks to the floor. :huh:
Befuddled, I drive forwards, and hit the brake. The car slows down.... as the pedal slowly sinks to the floor.
So I pull over, and hop out. I don't have to look to far when I see smoke coming from under the driver's rear wheel. I take a peek under, and there's brake fluid everywhere! :eek:
So yeah, I drive home with nothing but a leaking brake system and the e-brake. 15MPH was never so exciting. :( The hills that the Hudson Valley is famous for were especially fun. Not really though. :unsure:

Seems that the lines rusted through, and (obviously) require replacement. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I probably can't just walk into Ford and buy a new line, so what's the repair procedure? This is one of the few things I've never attempted, so any insight you guys may have would be greatly appreciated. :(
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