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Brake Lights Staying On!

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Hello all,
I am new to Taurus Car Club of America thanks to the people of Ford Truck Enthusiast.com and I am happy there is such a site dedicated to the Ford Taurus.

My problem involves the brake lights on my wife's 01 Taurus SES. The brake lights continue to stay on after depressing the brake. This is the third time this has happended within the last year. The past two times, the problem corrected itself but yesterday she had to slam on the brakes due to some idiot pulling out in front of her and the problem has persisted since. I noticed that if I wiggle the Boo (Brake On/Off) switch, they'll go out but depending on how hard you step on the brakes, they'll stay on after depressing. Any ideas on what I can do to fix the problem without a costly stealership repair?
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I believe there is a recall on the brake switch need to go to your dealer to find out.

Welcome to the club.
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I'm not sure this applies to your problem, but there is a recall regarding the brake pedal switch and the brake lights for your year of car (something about the switch sticking with the type of grease they used...). I believe you can go to your dealership and have them do the recall for free.
There is a recall, go take it to the dealer.
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Thanks for the heads up, I'll be contacting them first thing Monday morning.
You guys were on point. I called the dealership this morning, they instructed me to bring it in to verify it was covered by the recall, and two hours later, repairs were done. Best of all, it was FREE
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