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Anyone know which type of brake fluid is used in Gen2's? I have drum brakes in the rear, heard that DOT 2 is the type to use, but I can't seem to find that locally. Will DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid be ok?

I'm planning to bleed the system after who-knows-how-long since the last time the fluid was changed

One more thing, I'm planning to get some of those HELP! speedbleeders...anyone know the size I should get?

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One of the best fluids out there is Valvoline Synthetic DOT 3/4, available at AutoZone for $5/quart or $2.50/pint. It is really good stuff at a great price!! I now run ATE blue & yellow which is a bit better, but Valvoline has worked great at the track for me.

FWIW, here's a list of some fluids and their boiling points:

Fluid Type-------------------DRY WET
Castrol LMA DOT 3/4------446 311
Ford Heavy Duty DOT 3----550 290
Valvoline Synthetic 3/4-----502 343
ATE Super Blue Racing-----536 392
ATE TYP 200 (yellow)-------536 392
ATE SL DOT 4---------------500 329
Motul Racing 600------------585 421
Castrol SRF------------------590 518
Performance Friction--------550 284

If you only flush your system once a year or less, the "wet" boiling point is the key number. Over the years, racers have like the Ford HD because of the dry point, but then they flush every week or two.

Let me go on record to say that I am NOT a fan of Speed Bleeders. They save no time for flushing the system (you still need two people), plus they can & do clog and don't seal properly over time.

This is my tool of choice:


You can get the bleeder with the 3-prong Ford adaptor for $54.95. I got the Pro model with three adaptors (plus I bought the 3-prong Ford adaptor recently) that handles all of my cars. It is a true one-man operation, plus it can be used on different cars.

I bought an $8 plastic toolbox at Home Depot, and it carries the Speed Bleeder, spare fresh brake fluid, the adaptors, and some 1/4" lines and an empty can for the caliper drainage. Great for track events or taking to someone's house.
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