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RudeDog's pride and joy. I pulled it out of the dirt and leaves this last weekend to see what all is wrong with it and to try to get it road worthy again. My Brother put a lot of blood, sweat and wrench time into this car and I just can't let it sit there and rot. It battery was flat dead and the tires had about 3 PSI in them and it hasn’t been run since about September and hasn't moved since the beginning of 2011, The car is in pretty sad shape right now but I am hoping with some TLC and throwing a few bucks its way I can bring it back!
As you can see if this video
Its pissing fuel from underneath and bubbling gas out the fuel rail, We got the battery charged up so at least the thing starts on its own and you can restart it without a jump when it stalls.
I am thinking either he hit something and it crushed the plastic fuel lines or someone got under there and messed some things up. There does look like some damage to the floorboard/rocker panel in the area in the video but I have not been able to crawl my fat ass under there to really get a good look at it.
Once I get the fuel situation fixed I will have to address whatever is wrong with it drivability, Rudy said he thought it was something with the tranny, the torque converter not locking up right when you come to a stop and always stalling the car out. Either the torque converter of something of cylinoid not doing what it’s supposed to do.
I think there are also some issues with the front end, ball joints, tie rods something to that effect, I can’t remember right now what all he said it was. I am just going to have to check it all out.
The hard part about working on this car is how much of a MUTT it is, Rudy has different parts from every early generation of Taurus. 07 engine, 95 SHO tranny, 96 rear end, Gen 3 front end that’s just for starters. If I have to take it to a shop I don’t even know where to start to tell them what model year the need for parts.
I am doing this now to get a good start on thing for the next two years, Rudy always wanted to give this car to Jon and have it in good running shape for Jon to start driving it when he turned 16. Jon has always said he wanted it and so far is more than willing to help work on it.
More to come as I make some progress, Really right now the first thing I got to do is get the door unlocked and the keys that are in it cause Jon locked them in there on sunday. tried slim jiming it for a couple of hours, prying the door frame and the screwdriver in the back door handle trick nothing worked but I’ll get it done somehow.
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